March 20, 2010

  • What Can You Do?

    can’t stand people who deliberately hears you saying hi to them but ignores you, leaving you looking like a total fool.

    i was one today. yeahtheonelookinglikea fool.

March 19, 2010

  • Dog Meets Dog

    and they had a dog-to-dog stare.


    i haven’t been nonsensical for a loooooong time! :D

  • Meet my New Hound

    look who i brought home from the newly opened BookXcess? yeah, supposed to be a book sale and, among my new books, i bought a non-book.

    he’s not JUST a dog, you know. inside his tummy lies a little pack which is both microwaveable and freezable for both hot and cold therapy. dunno if it works for period cramps.

    photo from orange onions

    i wouldn’t have gotten him if he were just a normal plushie. :D

  • Reviving Xanga After 1 Year Plus of Hiatus

    running millions of thoughts on what i can do on a friday night, the house all to myself.

    i have a lot of ideas. but the flesh is weak. i could go out and have fun with friends or stay home and read, bead, watch movie etc.

    part of me feels like a loner, having no plans on a friday night.
    but, what’s wrong with that?

    i need to be with humans! i need to be with my beads too.

    such a fickle mind have i.

    do work first. my deadline is 9pm. that’s the most important.

    coffee and jazz sounds good, no?

October 21, 2008

  • Cheated!

    Finally, my package from Sabah arrived! I couldn’t wait to hold the backpack I bought from this online shop which sells new and second-hand stuff. Felt like I was shopping in a virtual flea market at that time. Haha.

    You know how normal backpacks are all plain coloured? Well, this one is flowery and pink. Oh well, pink is absolutely not my favourite colour, but the butterfly and flower motifs on the bag are lovely!

    The zippers of the bag were not done so I pulled to close it. To my horror and dismay and frustration and whatever else I can think of, the zipper teeth wouldn’t snap together, meaning the bag can’t be closed AT ALL! I was like, what the heck!! Really! I yanked violently and it wouldn’t work. I dragged it gently coaxing the teeth to snap together but that didn’t work too.

    I got really, really mad. I started forming really mean conclusions and assumptions about this girl who sold me this bag plus postage for RM20. Maybe she was trying to get rid of her useless junk by selling them. She didn’t even bother to tell about the defect in her site! She should’ve done so if she knew her ethics.

    My calls to her were unanswered. Heh. I used my mother’s handphone after fifteen minutes to reach her, but she didn’t pick up too. I sent her an email instead, asking her if she knew of the defect. I’ll wait for the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. If she did know about it when she mailed me the bag, I’d start to tell her how very unethical it was.

    This incident made me more careful about buying stuff online. So far, I never had any problem at all with other online boutiques, except for this one. I will never ever buy anything from her anymore. Just beware la. Don’t simply buy. Check with seller whether it’s still in good condition. I guess that was my mistake.

    I’m glad I spoke to Shikin, my former secondary schoolmate and Charlotte of littleaccompaniments about this. They taught me how to approach the situation professionally and calmly. If it weren’t for them, I’d be PMSing my way in a rude and nasty email to her and probably end up not getting any reply.

    Thanks, babes! :)

    Feels so different to blog here again.. like as though I’ve forgotten how to blog. :s

August 19, 2008

  • I’m Still Alive!

    After a seemingly long hiatus, I decided to update this space again! I reckon that my previous (emo) post looks really weird there, after sitting for almost three months. I’m plumpily fine now, thank you. I am blessed with a week of holidays.. yay! I am going to use this one week break very very carefully.. not gonna waste it by sleeping it away.

    Beads have been keeping me company, since my previous post. I am obsessed with beading now. And I mean making handmade beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings, handphone charms and more!

    It seems that every year I am obsessed with different things. Last year, it was gardening. I loved gardening so much that I kept going to nurseries to buy new plants. Every morning, I checked my orchids to see how they were growing. I even kept a gardening journal which I made myself, out of A4 papers and two boards.

    I still love orchids. I think they’re very pretty and hardy. They last longer than any other flowers. I think.

    Anyway, I have set up another blog called Chatterbeads. It’s a place where I sell my beaded creations. Do visit it and shout in my chatterbox! And tell your friends who love accessories to visit it! :D Hehe.. Does it mean that I will abandon this blog? Hmm.. maybe not. I’ll still keep this blog, maybe less frequent posts. But I hope I won’t abandon it for too long though. Haha. Maintaining two blogs won’t be easy. =s

    Few links you can check out:

    Support meeeeee!! That would be very much appreciated. :D

    I need to tell you this really cute dialogue I had with one of my 3-yr-old student. She was the one in the crayon situation too. So, one day, the teacher of my class, Aunty Eunice, was on leave because she had migraine. Little Su Yin noticed that Eunice wasn’t around, so she decided to find out why.

    SY: Where’s Aunty Eunice?
    WY: Aunty Eunice is at home. She is not feeling well because her head is painful.
    SY: Oh. Where did she knock her head on ah?

    Sigh.. she’s still so young to understand what a headache and a migraine is. Wait till she’s older.

May 25, 2008

  • Scream

    i wish i could drive so that i can drive myself out at this hour to wherever i want to be and just cry my heart out and scream out all my frustrations.

    maybe it’s a good time to learn now, bang a few curbs and cars, give myself an adrenaline rush..

May 13, 2008

  • It’s a Chic Lit?!


    I’ve been eyeing on it for a long time. My long time means two weeks. I usually don’t get interested in buying novels featured at the entrances of bookshelves or bestsellers, but somehow, this book caught my eye at Popular bookstore. Okay, I admit that I judge books by their covers. It has subtle swirls with flowers and butterflies! XD I got more interested when I read the synopsis. It’s about this woman who has a walled garden that mysteriously blooms all year round. She tends to that family garden from which she makes her delicacies – famed and feared for their magical effects. She has everything she thinks she needs until one day a stranger became her next door neighbour and a vine of ivy crept into her garden.

    I’m just really curious about what happens in the story. Reminds me of those witchy stories. So I decided to get it, but I wasn’t willing to part with my RM32.90. I’m not the type who spends on novels. Then, two days ago, I had a Teacher’s Day gift from the kindy: a RM20 MPH gift voucher! Wheee! =D Eugene and I thronged One Utama’s MPH just now just to look for the book. I passed by Atonement, and had second thoughts about Garden Spells. Then I decided I shouldn’t be fickle and continued looking for the latter.

    It was quite difficult finding it – I did not expect it to be labeled under Chic Lit. -_-” So, I’m going to spend my Teacher’s Day gift on a chic lit. Uh huh..  I could’ve bought a nice craft book or orchid book, but I’m currently more interested in craft mags (they’re cheaper) and I’m not really in my orchid mood at this point in life. =p

    I’ll be burying my nose in my new novel for the next few months. Yeah, I’m a really slow reader. And to make the book more worthwhile, I read it very s-l-o-w-l-y, stretching it as many days as I can. I dunno.. That’s my idea of making my money paid for the book worth it.. quite weird I know. As a result, I haven’t finish many books. Heheh.

    Books I Wanna Read:

    1. Atonement by Ian McEwan
    2. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
    3. Stardust by Neil Gaiman
    4. The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
    5. many other books which I’ll add here

    Anyone who has any of these, can pinjam? =D

May 1, 2008

  • A Day of Childhood Memories

    Today started out as a sort-of uneventful day, as Mum didn’t want to go shopping and I had tuition questions to set anyway. I was on the computer the whole day, typing on Excel and nosing on other people’s facebooks.

    It was then I saw my childhood friend, Wei Inn, online and I chatted with her until Streamyx decided to cari pasal and screw up my connection.

    It was then that I discovered something sweet between my former Form 1 classmate and my friend from college. =) The world is so small! And somehow, I don’t feel I’m alone anymore.

    It was then I searched for a long-lost friend through facebook whom I used to hang out with when I was seven at our babysitter’s house. He was eight then. We used to nap together in the living room every afternoon during school holidays, ate lunch together with the other kids, spent the day playing games, do all sorts of things together. Both of us were the older kids among seven or eight other younger ones.

    It was then I tried to find another kid from the same babysitter who is five years my junior who migrated to Perth with her family. I think I found her.. not sure yet, until she replies.

    Facebook rocks!

    It was also then I tried to find my dad through Facebook. To no avail.. yet.

    Can’t you just show up?

April 20, 2008

  • Chaos Within

    You can call this a tag, I guess. But I wasn’t tagged by anyone. I saw this in a scrapbooking magazine and some scrappers spilled their handbags, revealed what the bags contained in the form of scrapbook layouts (ie, really using papers, cards, embellishment) and answered the questions posed to them. It’s true that the contents of one’s bag reveal her personality. I thought it was quite interesting, so I decided to do it here in my blog. I am also planning to create a layout for myself too. That would happen when I really have the luxury of time to sit down and scrap. =p Feel free to do this tag too, if you’re not afraid to reveal your personality! Hehe..

    Name: Waiyee
    Occupation: Kindergarten teacher
    Description: Metallic purple shoulder handbag
    Contents: Olive green wallet, sunnies, pill box with Panadol Actifast, Milidon and Uphamol for migraine cases, house keys and kindy keys, Mentos and Dentyne, aloe vera gel, a packet of tissue papers, frangipani hairclip for my long fringe, lighter, gel pens, permanent marker for graffiti purposes, sunblock, pocket mirror for vain moments, wooden comb, face powder, BodyShop Born Lippy lipbalm given by Teeliang for Christmas, blotter, Maglite, Creative Zen Stone mp3 player given by Thomas and Jeff for my 23rd birthday which fits into my elephant coin pouch, and ‘my’ N95.

    What do you think your bag and its contents say about you?
    My handbag shows that I’m a person who buys somethings because I think it looks cool instead of what would be practical – I love the shiny purple material and the little floral detail at the corner.

    I guess the contents show that I am a sundry shop, because I seem to have everything prepared! If I’m stuck waiting for bus or if I’m in the LRT, I have my mp3 player handy. Someone needs to light up candles on a birthday cake? That’s what the lighter’s for. The Dentyne is useful when I don’t have time to brush my teeth. Haha! Nola.. so far it hasn’t happened to me.. yet.

    The contents also show that I’m a disorganized person who loves bright rainbow hues ’cause they make me happie!

    How many handbags do you own?
    Roughly about eight.

    How many do you use?
    I change my bag when the current one I use isn’t suitable for the occasion or when I just simply feel like changing!

    How often do you clean out your regular handbag?
    When I take too long to navigate my house keys amidst the crumpled tissue papers and old receipts.